Solidarity Hunger Strikes Day 6

22/03/2012 – Day 6 – Lousie Gaw


I have tried for days to vividly imagine what Hana Shalabi is going through; starvation. There is no other way to put it. She is so weak that we all very much fear for her life.

We associate starvation with uncontrollable poverty but this is voluntary, and to me that is something almost impossible to get our heads around. How can a situation be so incredibly horrific that the only remaining response is to starve yourself? Why can Israel continue to commit these crimes against humanity without being stopped?

All I feel is utter helplessness. Our rolling hunger strike is a modest action; if only we could do more. I wish – at the very least – we could communicate our messages to her and her family.

I wonder what thoughts she has in the detention clinic, how she stays strong when she sees her body erode before her eyes, how insignificant she must feel at times and above all, how hopeless.

In comparison I have thought about Hana as a child and how free she may have felt then, at least for a moment in time; the freedom we should all feel, eternally. I have imagined her running, playing and laughing like any one of us. We cannot take this freedom for granted. We cannot let a human being go through this much pain and sorrow and above all, captivity; an entrapment we cannot fully comprehend. We cannot stop fighting.

We will march on Saturday in solidarity with Hana on Saturdaya t 4pm from St Georges Square to The BBC to show our anger at their lack of publicity. Inform everyone of Hana and the Palestinian hunger strikers. We have to use our own resources to combat the BBC’s ignorance.

Free Hana. Free all Palestinian hunger strikers. Free Palestine.


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