Solidarity Hunger Strikes Day 5

21/03/2012 – Day 5 

Hana Shalabi has been refusing food for 35 days now.  In excruciating pain and having lost 14kg, Hana remains in an Israeli prison, where she does not receive proper medical care.

Indeed, Physicians for Human Rights have been calling for her immediate transfer to hospital. Perhaps their call has been ignored because Hana, still just alive, continues to pose a ‘security threat’ to the state of Israel.

But Hana poses no threat to Israel’s security. She, like thousands of others, has been arrested for ‘security’ reasons; reasons that do not have to be specified or proven for her to remain in prison.

Any Palestinian can be held in prison indefinitely under these so called ‘administrative detention’ laws.

This begs the question: how much weaker does Israel need to make Hana, and her fellow hunger strikers, before she stops posing a ‘security threat’? Will she need to go into a coma, like Khader Adnan, before Israel sets a date for her release?

The BBC has finally picked up on the story; noting that Hana is close to death.  Yet the BBC leaves out what has led up to Hana’s hunger strike. Hana was imprisoned for two years, and then released only to be arrested again months later, during a violent IDF raid on her village.

March with us this Saturday at 4pm in George Square, in support of Hana’s desperate attempt to end Israel’s abuse of Palestinian human rights and ‘administrative detention’. Don’t let Hana’s painful sacrifice be in vain.

Read Physicians for Human Rights’ report on Hana Shalabi’s medical condition and treatment in prison here:


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