Solidarity Hunger Strikes Day 4

20/-3/2012 – Day 4 – Lorna MacBean

As Hana Shalabi entered her 34th day of hunger strike there was no mention of her on the news; no one was talking about her in the pub; there were no pictures in any newspaper. And this is not because people do not care. As I worked, I told people about Khadar Adnan, Hana Shalabi, Kifah Hattab, Ahmed Nebhaan Suqer, the conditions of their imprisonment and the prisoners (sorry, ‘detainees’) who, in solidarity, refused to eat – the only form of resistance which they are left. I told them why there is a large base of activists dedicated to solidarity and why we need everyone to write, to talk, to protest, when our media will not. People reacted with empathy, compassion, revolt and anger. But none of them were surprised. The truth is that the world has seen this death before: where prisoners of war are termed ‘security risks’, imprisonment becomes ‘detainment’ and the world interprets jargon and rhetoric without question while innocent people die in silent cells.

Eleven hours ago the BBC finally published an online article on Hana’s case. But it took 35 days and her life to be in imminent danger. A note on their track record of reporting on Palestinian news can be found here:

Hunger striking is the last resort. It is the only way Hana Shalabi and her fellow prisoners can resist. The simple message of it is clear: You are allowing me to die at your feet. The world will not allow me to speak, so my dying body must be my voice.

‘It’s true our lives are very precious, but our freedom is even more precious and more powerful than their cells.’ – Jawad Boulos, Hana’s lawyer.

Demonstrate against the atrocious behaviour of the BBC, Saturday 24th March, assembling in George Square at 4pm. We will march through the city to protest the continued detention of hundreds of lives by the Israeli Government because we must use every channel of communication available to save lives and make people aware of the situation which our country actively covers up.

Our thoughts, prayers, anger, voices and spirits are with Hana Shalabi and the people of the Palestine.


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